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Carlos Oswaldo Saraiva

Graduate of the College of Law of  the University of Brazil (Universidade Brasil), currently known as the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro) in 1959; Graduate Courses at the New York University College of Law  (1962-1963), the University of Paris, France College of Law (1964-1965), the Institute of International Commerce, Paris, France (1964-1965), and the Center for the Study of the Teaching of Law (Centro de Estudos e Pesquisa do Ensino do Direito, CEPED) (March-December, 1967); member of the law offices of Rio, Garcia & Keener, Nehemias, Gueiros and Lins, Tostes and Walter, as well as of Casey, Lane & Mittendorf in New York, N.Y. (1963-1964). Brazilian Delegate to the 1st Meeting of the UNCTAD Working Group for the reformulation of international maritime legislation (Geneva, Switzerland, December 1-12, 1969); Author of the articles "Brazilian Legislation on Pollution of the Sea and Island Waters," in the Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce, Washington, D.C., vol. 6, no. 3, April 1975, pgs. 435-439 and "Brazilian International Shipping Policy," in Lawyer of the Americas, a journal of the Miami College of Law, vol. 4, no. 1, February 1972, pgs. 28-43.

Languages: Portuguese, English and French.